Tuesday, December 27, 2016

CIA and Liberal Party will do the same tactics like what they did to oust Pres. Marcos

OPINION— Does Liberal Party will do the same tactics like what they did to former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos? They did propagandas via mainstream media and crimes like narco-terrorism. The Plaza Miranda bombings is one of those crimes which they blame to Pres. Macos.

During those era, we have the Death Penalty in the country and the druglord Lim Seng that was caught during those times were punished by Death. Our country back then were free from illegal drugs.

Why Liberal Party remove the Death Penalty? Since Cory Aquino sits in power, drugs flourished, economy dropped down, corruptions everywhere, etc.,

Let's talk about the bombings that is now happening in this current era under Duterte's administration which is also related to Narco-Terrorism. Don't you ever think or Does it cross your mind that the history repeats itself? Why the Liberal Party is afraid of Death Penalty's implementation?

Why LP, created propagandas like EJKs? Even Cardinal Sin before was part of it and now CBCP continuing his legacy.. wait.. Is it their legacy? treating this country their own?? Let's go back to the old times by watching the video below.. You be the judge!


Sources: PSSAP Underground Media Facebook


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