Monday, December 26, 2016

Leni enjoys in the U.S while Typhoon Nina hits Bicol

Vice President Leni Robredo and her family decided to spend her Christmas in America, but the Netizens didn’t like what she did. The information was leaked by blogger Thinking Pinoy on his Facebook Page and sparked outrage to the Netizens because the Philippines is going to be struck by a strong Typhoon at that time.

The Netizens asked Leni Robredo why she decided to leave the country and celebrate Christmas in U.S.A while her people in Naga City is in danger because of Typhoon Nina.

“Supertyphoon Nina makes landfall in Bicol while Leni Robredo makes snowmen in America.” Thinking Pinoy said in his post.

He also posted evidence that Leni Robredo was really in America, a post from an unnamed Facebook user who met Leni Robredo in an Airport in America was shared by the blogger on his Facebook page.

Thinking Pinoy even urged the workers in NAIA to take a picture of Robredo once she go back in the Philippines


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