Monday, January 23, 2017

BREAKING: CIA documents shows Ninoy had involvement with the Sabah infiltration!

Central Intelligence Agency declassified a document shows a report about the rivalry of Ninoy Aquino and Former President Ferdinand Marcos in politics.

The appendix of the 10 page report said that Aquino that despite of the positive portrayal that he received from the press, his political career shows that he’s consumed by his ambition to become the President of the Philippines.

It also said that Aquino and Marcos recognized each other’s danger and their similarities in politics.

CIA also reported the word-war between Marcos and Aquino that destroyed their friendship.

The report also said that Aquino was distrusted by the military because of revealing the secret plan of the Philippines to conquer Sabah, Malaysia and also his alleged contacts with anti-Marcos terrorist and Muslim rebels in the Middle east.

The business community was also worried according to the report because they don’t know what to expect from Ninoy.

It also reported the importance of Aquino in Philippine Politics and his strong influence even he’s already living in the United States after his heart surgery.

The document was published by Minda Vote after Carlos Munda, one of the writers of the news website discovered the documents on the archive of CIA.

Source: CIA Library


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