Wednesday, January 25, 2017

BREAKING: Leni can be impeach for 'Treason' and 'Betrayal of Public Trust' grounds

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, one of the fiercest critic of Vice President Leni Robredo reveals how a Vice President can be removed legally from his position.

Only few knows that an impeachment can be also applied to the Vice President and he or she can still be impeached even the Senate found that the Vice President is not guilty.

This is how is a President Impeached according to Atty. Cruz-Angeles.

How is a Vice President impeached?

Answer: Same way a President, Justice of the Supreme Court, member of a Constitutional Commission or the Ombudsman may be impeached, as follows:

1. Complaint to be filed in the House of Representatives. Must be done by Congressman. If private person/s file, then complaint must be endorsed by a Congressman.

2. Complaint goes to plenary where it is calendared in the Order of Business, within ten (1) session days.

3. Plenary must refer to Committee (usually Committee on Justice) within three (3) session days.

4. Committee refers report and recommendation to plenary within sixty (60) days from referral to it by plenary

5. Resolution is calendared within ten (10) days from receipt

6. Vote of 1/3 of all Members of the House needed to affirm or override recommendation of Committee.

7. If vote is to file, the verified complaint or the resolution of impeachment become the Articles of Impeachment which are then forwarded to the Senate.

8. Senate conducts trial. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside. She also pointed out the grounds for impeachment.

Culpable violation of the Constitution,

1. treason,

2. bribery,

3. graft and corruption,

4. other high crimes, or

5. betrayal of public trust.

When someone asked if they can impeach Senator De Lima, Attorney Cruz explained that the Senator is not an impeachable official and can only be removed by the Senator for disorderly conduct.

Netizens thanked the lawyer for her informative post and they joked that she may became the next victim of mass reporting allegedly conducted by some people who opposed the administration.

Source: Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles Facebook


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