Sunday, January 15, 2017

FLASHBACK: Does it mean Rappler is part of the #LeniLeaks Propaganda?

In a stunning bit of reporting that rivals the “quality” standards of their “professional” counterpart, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, alleged “journalists” at Rappler have reported that out going US Ambassador Philip Goldberg knows nothing about what he is talking about.

The Rappler “report,” which expertly weaves a few facts with a lot of innuendo, tries to create the perception that there was something shady behind the multi-billion dollar deals signed during the trip of President Duterte to China last week.

Claiming that Goldberg “revealed” an alleged “unpublicized” trip by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade to China, Rappler quotes the ambassador as saying that he “(doesn’t) really know” if there were “backdoor negotiations,” but he “thinks” and is “guess(ing)” that there were.

Goldberg is also equally unsure whether or not the trip has been made public, but because he “thinks” it hasn’t, then he freely speculates that if it did (as he “guess[es]” it has), then there must be something wrong with it.

While we are not quite sure what the Rappler report, or Goldberg’s statements, are all about, it does appear that there is a deliberate attempt to sow intrigue and cast aspersions on the President and his Cabinet.

Commenting on the alleged China trip, Secretary Tugade was able to verify the speculations that not only does Ambassador Goldberg not know anything, he is also a rumor-mongerer.

In part, Tugade’s text message reads, “Gago talaga!!! Pls share my reply. If it is true that Amb Goldberg said that, then the fabled American “intelligence network” has miserably failed again.. Tsismis yan!! I was never in Beijing in June!! Want proof? You can always examine my passport anytime…”

Sec. Art Tugade

We are still trying to verify whom Secretary Tugade was referring to when he said “gago talaga.” But in the meantime we will apply the description liberally, and share it equally among the alleged “journalists” at Rappler and Goldberg.



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