Saturday, January 14, 2017

Leni Robredo: Killing the Druglords, Pushers and Criminals is kind of Authority Abuse!

Vice President Leni Robredo who falsely vows to still continue working with President Duterte shows her rebellious side again. In her Peace Congress of the EDSA Ortigas Consortium of Schools speech, she said that she believes millennials care.

Modern technology puts them also in the perfect position to protect the greater good. Her audience is the students at the La Salle Greenhills in Mandaluyong City recently. This statement criticizes the President’s strategy once more:

“In protecting the Filipino people and the interests of our nation, we must not resort to the brutality of warfare,: says Robredo.

 Duterte’s common sense: No progress or development can come to a country or city without peace and order. If there is crime, violence against the law-abiding, and corruption, there will be no progress.

 The Vice President is now the leading opposition figure after quitting President Duterte’s Cabinet in December. She clarifies that in urging the millennials to fight against warfare abuses, she did not mean it literally – but through peaceful means.

This is Pnoy’s strategy as well with the Malaysian invaders. When the Royal Sultanate Armies claimed Sabah in Lahad Dahu, instead of backing them up, he negotiates with the Malaysians to do whatever they wish to the armed men to keep the ties of both countries. Not thinking that they just wished to come home to their families.

Most of these brave Filipinos were massacred with the approval of then-President Simeon Benigno Aquino III.


Source: Government of the Philippines YouTube


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