Saturday, January 7, 2017

#LeniLeaks top 3 in Twitter, Netizens slam Mainstream media for news blackout!

The #LeniLeaks was circulating online and it come up to the top 3 spot in Twitter. But non of the mainstream media ever made a cover of the topic.

Since Friday, January 6, 2017, Thinking Pinoy divulged in his Facebook page, followed by Sass Rogando Sasot about the Yahoo Group of the Liberal Party.

Their YG named is Global Filipino Diaspora council. Thinking Pinoy shared the email exchange of the group were they tackled about their next move how to unseat President Duterte.

The pro-admin Facebook personalities also shared the said emails and expressed their sentiments about it.

Up until now, the emails was still the sizzling topic. But netizens complaint that no one in the mainstream media ever care to the issue.

Netizens was frustrated and mad over the bias media.

Netizen Jaime M Tayag said, "Blackout? White-Out? Ay! Yellow, OUT."

Mark Vinzons said, "gumagawa pa sila ng script nyan, para pag labas sa mainstream media fake news na yan at si leni lugaw na ang biktima, sabay pa presscon!!!"

Yddet Luna said, "If #LeniLeaks is actually fake...the yellow fucktards would be immediately down in evey DDS' throat gloating, condescending and celebrating bec a fake news was spread with veracity. Their silence is golden....for"

While, Krizette said, "Alas dose na. ALL IS QUIET ON THE YELLOW FRONT."

Meanwhile, Writer Krizette Laureta Chu said these media outlets were paid to divert the issues. She open up about the Mocha issue,that she was paid by BBM to attack VP Robredo. Krizette said:

Here's below the screenshot of the trending topic of Twitter today:



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