Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Liberal Party, The Enemies of Change! Enemies of Filipinos!

OPINION— Liberal Party was as a political partylist in the Philippines that always oppose their political enemies especially when the sitting president were not came from their group. Since Ferdinand Marcos era, they launches several propagandas to oppose the government and to steal the Presidential position with the help of CIA and American government.

Will history repeats itself in this Duterte Administration? The Martial Law abusses propaganda was the same as EJK's propaganda today to discredit Duterte, does it sounds the same tactics isn't it?

They oppose Death Penalty as well which Filipino people are longing for to strengthen justice and for us to abide the law. But isn't it surprising why the Liberal Party still afraid of it??

Are they part of the Illegal Drug Menace in our country? that's why they want crimes and drugs to prosper??

As they also holding the PH Mainstream Media, they now manipulate the Economic of our country as what Fidel V. Ramos have done to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's time. It's with the help of the American Rulling Elite, which is to sabotage the value of peso over dollar.

Isn't related to Loida Nicolas Lewis propaganda that was leaked in #LeniLeaks ?

Why this Yellow Rulling are powerful since then? They are holding the PH Media, some Universities, Banks and support from American Government.

Let us all beware of what they can do against our country.

According to them, Death Penalty and Martial Law is not the solution and yet they never propose any solutions or even suggestion if it was in good faith.. How idiot isn't it??


-Admin Sofie of Dugong Maharlika


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