Monday, January 16, 2017

Propaganda: Leni Robredo a Self Proclaimed People's Lawyer?

Leni Robredo proclaimed herself as the People's Lawyer in her post in her social media account despite of being inexperienced on court defending an ordinary Filipino, we don't know what are her basis for proclaiming that.

She visited the Cebu City Jail and she posted that she's now being the People's Lawyer by simply doing that.. How idiot?? It went viral on social media where Netizens lambasted it and critisized it.

ThinkingPinoy also post in his social media regarding it asking the basis for Leni's post. As what the Yellows tactics, they never reply to the inquiry of the People. So it is obviously a propaganda again..

Dear Leni Robredo,
Have you ever stood in court to defend anyone?
No. You were so bad at law, no one risked hiring you to be their defender.
Momshie, never kang nag-litigate tapos isang dalaw lang sa kulungan, People's Lawyer ka na agad?
You are no different from Paolo Roxas, who Vicky Garchitorena claimed as having understood the plight of the poor just through one photo op in the slums.
Wag ka nga! Heto kape at nang kabahan ka naman.


Sources: News5Everywhere, ThinkingPinoy Facebook


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