Saturday, January 14, 2017

WATCH: Department of Toursim Secretary Wanda Teo share how she got the approval of President Duterte for Miss Universe Pageant

There will be no road closures in Metro Manila due to Miss Universe-related events, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said Friday.
Half a year before the Philippines secured the hosting of the Miss Universe pageant in Manila, President Rodrigo Duterte told organizers to make sure that the international event will not worsen the monster jam in the capital.
Almost 100 traffic enforcers will be deployed in major thoroughfares to manage the flow of vehicles and secure routes that Miss Universe delegates will ply, the Philippine National Police said.
Teo also called on Filipinos to do their part in making the event safe for both the contestants and the public.
The PNP has not monitored any direct threat to security in the conduct of pre-pageant events and the coronation day, Teo said.
"Let's make sure that our guests, the delegates and Miss Universe Organization (MUO) staff, are secure and safe. It’s all part of the whole experience of Filipino hospitality that we have a great opportunity to show to the world… the universe, rather," Teo added.
As of Saturday morning, 84 Miss Universe delegates arrived in the Philippines for a series of pageant events that will run from January 14 to 30.
Candidates from the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and Colombia are expected to arrive in Manila Saturday afternoon.




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