Monday, January 30, 2017

WATCH: Ang magarbong buhay ni Liezyl Margallo a.k.a "Savage Woman"

The 23-year-old woman, tagged as “savage” by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for her alleged gruesome abuses against many children in Mindanao was “sweet and kind” when she lived the life of a fugitive for two years in Cebu until her arrest last week.
Liezyl Castaña-Margallo, who went by the aliases Shannon and Gina Carpio, was living the high life here as she partied in bars along Mango Avenue with new-found friends in Cebu; and foot the bill each time.
She offered them travels and had a passport under the name “Gina Carpio” to boot.

She lived in an expensive condominium unit in uptown Cebu and kept a membership in one of the city’s posh gyms.
She spoke good English and looked confident.
She even did her share of charity work, donating to causes and orphanages.
A photo, provided by one of Margallo’s friends to CDN, showed the alleged child trafficker posing gleefully with friends as they were about to give out several packs of donation for World Food Day last October 16, 2016 through a Cebu-based charitable institution Margallo often donated to.
Among her friends, she was well-liked and popular and thought to be beautiful inside and out.
Cool and collect, she was on top of the world.
Until NBI agents swooped down on her strolling nonchalantly along the shores of Malapascua Island, northern Cebu while vacationing with two British nationals, Wednesday.
The arrest came three months after 16 arrest warrants were issued against her by the Cagayan de Oro court.

None of her friends, who are now trying to distance themselves from the horror of having once known her, could believe the news that sweet Shannon was in fact, a suspected sex predator who tortured children for years in Mindanao, as part of a lucrative cyberpornography business she run with her Australian boyfriend, arrested 53-year-old pedophile Peter Gerard Scully.

One of her gym buddies in Cebu City (name withheld) posted an appeal on Facebook for people to stop judging Margallo’s friends in Cebu, as they too are victims of a woman who lied to them exceptionally well.

An hour after making the appeal, the gym buddy deactivated her FB account, unable to take the stress of having to deal with a deluge of private messages from people judging her for her brief friendship with Margallo.

Who would have thought that Margallo was involved in crime since she even visited the less fortunate and went with her to church, said her gym buddy.
“Buotan pa kaayo ni siya visiting orphanage, attending feeding program for homeless people ug nagka kuyog pa me og church (She was so kind, visiting an orphanage, attending a feeding program for homeless people and even went with me to church),” the woman said on her post.

The woman explained that she met Margallo who introduced herself as “Shannon” in the gym.
“Didto me nag ka friends. Have no idea unsa og kinsa siya ug unsa ka yawa iyang gipang buhat (We met there and I had no idea what or who she was and the things that she did that were so evil),” the woman added.

“Even other members in the gym are in shock of what she has done and her true identity,” the woman said.

The woman also claimed that Margallo had walked in and out of the airport using a “fake identity.”
Margallo was said to own a passport in 2015 under the name Gina Carpio.




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