Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WATCH: Laos na artistang si G Tongi, bitter sa pagiging MTRCB member ni Mocha!

G Tongi was known as former sexy star and an actress in ABS-CBN and now a vocal supporter of Liberal Party. In this video, she was in the ph media conference with the press based in the United States.

G Tongi asks Sec. Andanar regards the qualifications of Ms. Mocha Uson because she just can't accept the fact that Mocha had been once a sexy star and now a sex blogger. She wants Sec. Andanar to elaborate the criteria for the MTRCB qualifications.

Sec. Andanar says that since Mocha Uson was appointed by President Duterte, it was already legit and no one could even have guts to ask a President’s decision even his, himself.

In this video, Ms. Maharlika hits back G Tongi, telling her that Mocha Uson has a bachelor degree and instead, look at those corrupt politicians whose the position being worthless than looking at Mocha Uson whom willing to serve the Filipino People without expecting anything in return.


Source: YouTube


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