Sunday, January 15, 2017

WATCH: Manyakis na barker, nagladlad ng ari, tutok sa camera!

Netizen took to social media and shared her horrible experience with pervert Jeepney barker has gone viral on social media.

The video was posted by Newsgraph Facebook page. The video showed that the there are still people however who cannot control their urges even in public places.

The video shows that the jeepney barker was filmed that he have not been able to control his lust after he tried taking advantage of a woman seated on a jeepney.

The woman was identified as Paulin Fortuno. She angrily shared her horrible experience with the jeepney barker. According to Paulin, she wasn’t wearing any provocative clothes when she was flashed onto by a man named Archie Navarro.

“Kahit anong ayos ng suot mo mababastos at mababastos ka talaga e. Nakapants at shirt na ako nito,” She said.

Paulin narrated in her post that the pervert jeepney barker was staring at her while holding his manhood. She also shared that she was just the passenger of the jeepney so no one can notice the action of the pervert barker.

“Ayan yung VIDEO ng maniac na yan . Grabe ang babooooy nilalabas pa niya yung ari niya!” she said.

The pervert barker can be seen on the video that he cannot control his lust even in public places even flashing his manhood to Paulin.

According to Paulin she already reported the man to the authorities. Wherein she identified the man who was named as Archie Navarro a 34yrs old.

The post has been shared by netizens across social media hoping to warn everyone about the man.

Many social media users were quick and lambasted the pervert barker. The post went viral and has been shared by netizens hoping to reach as many people as possible to warn them about the man.

Watch the full video of the incident here:

Source: Pauline Fortuno Facebook


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