Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WATCH: PDI journalist claims to be the biggest newspaper in the Philippines!

A journalist from Philippine Daily Inquirer claims that they are (PDI) is the largest newspaper in the Philippines while Sec. Andanar says it’s not, It is Manila Bulletin, she asks back Sec. Andanar where are the datas of his findings and how it could be Manila Bulletin?

Andanar says they can make a poll survey right at the moment on the internet for his claims because it is obvious on the internet how MB circulates,

and the PDI journalist says to Andanar that is not a research findings and datas for his claims but just a personal viewpoint.

Sec. Andanar asks back her research and datas too of where her claims are coming from and where the PDI circulates on the internet?

She says that she doesn’t have the research and datas as well right at the moment at her hands but she can email her proofs later.

Isn’t she was the one making personal opinion as the basis of her claim?? Sounds idiot.. Does she tries to twist scenarios that falls back at her?? How hypocrite.. She was full of her in her introduction.

If you watch the short video by Ms. Maharlika or Ms. Claire in real life, the media press people laughing and murmuring at her why she acted like she is above every one else.

She proceeds to ask Andanar of what was the Duterte admin stand against Trump government regarding to its anti-illegal immigrant because 1M Filipinos are undocumented in the U.S and they are sending money back home to the Philippines. She asks what are the Détente admin stand on Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant.

Sec. Andanar says he works in the PH government and it is an ASEAN policy not to interfere to other country’s policy including the policy of the U.S.A but he tells that President Duterte cares for the Filipinos abroad then the audience applauds.

Source: Maharlika YouTube


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