Saturday, February 11, 2017

BREAKING: Troll Jim Paredes is now planning to run as Senator in 2019 Election?

We know that Jim Paredes has been bashing President Duterte since he became the President of the Republic last June. Beating his “Manok” Mar Roxas who also ran for President last year. There is an apparent growing clamor to convince Jim Paredes to join the senatorial race next election.

In a Facebook post, Paredes expressed gratitude to people asking him to run for senator but voiced his preference to focus on his career and certain advocacies.

“I have received many public and private messages asking me to run for senate. Let me state clearly that I am NOT running for Senator. I never intended to,” said Paredes, a member of the phenomenal Apo Hiking Society.

“I am an artist. I sing, write, create, perform and live the life I have made for myself,”  he added.

Paredes said it was “noble” to be an elected public servant but such calling “is not for me.”

“My interest in politics is about changing the country from where I am. That is how most of us should do it perhaps,” said Paredes, a known supporter of Liberal Party presidential bet Mar Roxas.

He then encouraged Filipinos to work together and “be the best citizens we can be.”

So by that, he means to always bashed President Duterte? We all know that that’s what he’s been doing since Digong sits as the President of our republic. Is this what he meant by “working together and be the best citizens we can be?”

Paredes is among the personalities who attended President Benigno Aquino III’s formal endorsement of the candidacy of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas at Club Filipino last  year. He’s also known as a vocal defender of the Aquino administration.

By any chance that this “Utak Talangka” OPM Artist runs for senatorial race, will you vote for him?

Think twice…

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