Friday, February 17, 2017

DOCUMENTARY: Full story of gangster inside Bilibid Prison!

Talking points:

1.)Bilibid can only handle 8000 prisoners. It currently has 20,000.
2.)There are 40 guards per shift. These guards guard 20,000 prisoners.
3.)There are a lot of gangs in Bilibid and they have their own hierarchy, they are structured as an organization.
4.)To make sure these prisoners don't riot (20,000 prisoners vs 40 guards), BuCor has made concessions. They've given the head of the gangs power to enforce the rules on their own members. But that does not excuse them the obligation of serving their own term in prison.
5.) The prison head also gave prisoners many personal freedoms in order to keep the tensions low. Rights to own a business inside Bilibid, to smoke inside, etc. With the approval of the respective gang head of course (they have a share of the profits it seems). They live even better lives than poor people in the streets. Hence, many prisoners would rather stary in Bilibid rather than go outside and struggle.
6.)The gangs, when dispute arises, meet and discuss differences. They meet regularly to discuss the affairs of the prison, making sure every prisoner is in line.
7.)But that doesn't mean they only settle diplomatically. Many times, it's under the table (murders, hits, etc). Even the head honcho knows this and knows it's needed to stop tensions.
8.)This system allows gangs to have their own spheres of influence, dirty money and power. But with such few manpower, Bilibid guards are powerless to stop such.
So what's the solution? Prison Reform, more money for BuCor and more prisons. And restoring the death penalty. Rather than mooch off the government in prison, end their lives, especially for high profile drug lords



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