Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'Duterte is a Lawyer and a long time Prosecutor, their claims is against common sense!' —Panelo

Watch this short interview of Atty. Panelo with TV5 Media where Trillanes was also interviewed after him. Panelo says that the opposition must be reminded that the President is a Lawyer and once a Prosecutor for a long time and he isn't an idiot to personally directed Lascanas to execute sinister plans as what he claimed.

After the interview, Panelo and Trillanes cross ways at the back room of the studio and crazy Trillanes shouts 'Di na uubra yang pa bola bola mo sakin!' and Panelo says back "Eh hindi rin uubra yung mga kasinungalingan"

You will see how rude Trillanes was and the way he says his point was clearly biased that servess the only the interest of Liberal Party. This obviously part of their 'Destabilising Plot' against Pres. Duterte.




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