Friday, February 17, 2017

WATCH: Illegal Detention na kaso ni Napoles pinaaabswelto ni Calida!

Solicitor General Jose Calida is standing firm on what he believes is the lack of evidence that Janet Lim Napoles is guilty of illegal detention. He even has a culprit for what he considers a court decision gone wrong: the former Secretary of Justice.

Calida claimed on Friday that a preliminary investigation was already conducted when the National Bureau of Investigation filed a complaint involving Napoles.

"The finding of this panel of prosecutors was, there is no probable cause to indict the accused," Calida said on The Source. "Then, even without a clarificatory hearing, presto-another decision came out indicting the accused. Now, was there anybody there in the [Department of Justice] who orchestrated this?"

CNN Philippines' Senior Correspondent Pinky Webb recalled that the secretary then was Senator Leila De Lima, to which Calida replied, "You said it."

He said that De Lima had a "special interest" in the Napoles case and called for a new panel "because she was not satisfied with the decision of the first panel."

"There was already a panel of prosecutors. Let the prosecutors do their job," said Calida. "Why would the secretary of Justice scout for one who is compliant to her wishes?"

The end goal, Calida posited, was "to detain and convict Janet Lim Napoles... for many reasons."

"She might talk if she's not detained. She might implicate bigger fishes," said Calida. "And that's what we are looking [into] now. "

His informants, he said, were "concerned citizens" who had approached him after his move to acquit Napoles of illegal detention went public.

Calida sent this recommendation to the Court of Appeals, arguing there was a lack of evidence for the illegal detention of whistleblower Benhur Luy.




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