Sunday, February 12, 2017

WATCH: Mga vigilante na ginagamit ang War on Drugs ni Pres. Duterte nahuli!

Police raided a barangay outpost in Tondo, Manila and arrested Manuel Murillo, 33; Marco Morallos, 33; and Alfredo Alejan, 42. The three suspects, who admitted their involvement in the disappearance and killing of drug suspects, belong to the Confederate Sentinel Group (CSG), part of the barangay peacekeeping action teams. It was the first time that suspects in drug-related vigilante killings were unmasked and arrested. The arrest came after the complaint of Christina Saladaga, who accused the three of forcibly taking on January 2 her 16-year-old son Charlie, who the suspects accused of being a drug pusher and robber. After Salagada confronted the group's leader, Ricardo Villamonte, the latter told her that Charlie was probably executed by policemen. “He said my son was salvaged by policemen but we know they were the ones involved,” Saladaga said. One of the suspects, Murillo, revealed that they killed the teenager on orders of "Kumander Maning," their alias for Villamonte. Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said the suspects were among the vigilantes who rode on the government’s war on drugs. “The people thought they would not be discovered and the police would be blamed,” Dela Rosa said.




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