Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BREAKING: Kabobohan ni Leni Robredo, kinuwestyon ni PAGCOR Chair Andrea Domingo

Vice President Leni Robredo was blasted by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Chair Andrea Domingo in a keynote speech at the ASEAN Gaming Summit 2017 at Conrad Manila.

She started her speech with a question to the audience “During your stay here, or with your visit to the Philippines, did you see any dead bodies lying around? Did you see any policemen, with guns out, chasing after suspects, trying to kill them?”

She explained that the President is always tired fighting not only illegal drugs but also all the problems of the Philippines.

“He hit the ground running because he only has 6 years to establish a peaceful, prosperous, comfortable living space for all Filipinos and the friends of the Filipinos who would like to come here to invest or just to enjoy our country” Domingo explained.

The PAGCOR chair believes that the video message of Robredo is part of a demolition job and unfair that the Vice President spread unverified data.
Domingo also explained that “Palit-Ulo” that Vice President Leni Robredo mentioned during her speech is a strategy got from the Drug Enforcement  Administration of America to arrest drug lords and giving lighter punishment to the drug traders who would cooperate with the authorities.

But in the version of the Vice President, Robredo said that the Palit Ulo means that the families of the drug suspects would be arrested to force him/her to surrender.

“I really view her as a female create who wants to be president so bad and so fast, she’ll do anything,” Domingo said.

“She maligned my country. She maligned my Filipino People. She maligned my policemen. She maligned my president in an international forum, the United Nation Commission on Narcotics,” she added.

After her speech, Domingo applauded by the audience from different countries who visited the Philippines to attend the ASEAN Gaming Summit.

Ms. Domingo explained to the foreign businessmen to not believe the video message of Vice President Leni Robredo addressed to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic drugs.

Blogger Thinking Pinoy uploaded the video of Ms. Domingo’s speech with subtitles and the PAGCOR chair earned praises from the Netizens for defending the country:


Source: ThinkingPinoy Facebook


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