Monday, March 13, 2017

BREAKING: Sotto refuses to hear Four DDS witnesses to stop "teleserye" against Duterte!

Sotto refuses to hear 4 DDS witnesses to stop "teleserye" against Duterte

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Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III
on Monday said that the Senate should no longer listen to testimonies of four more Davao Death Squad members in order to prevent prolonging the "teleserye" aboud President Rodrigo Duterte's "sins".

Sotto said that he is in line with Senator Panfilo Lacson who previously said he found futile the confession of retired Davao City cop Arturo Lascañas, accusing him of merely trying to "destabilize" the administration.

“Ping is most probably right,” Sotto said. “Another Senate probe on new claims will just fall into the trap of trying to prolong the teleserye of so-called sins of the President."

Four more witnesses are to be presented by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.
He said, "exposing the truth is definitely not destabilization".

Another Senator, Sherwin Gatchalian said that Lascañas has lost his credibility. "“Everything he says subsequently cannot be the basis for achieving the truth. As for the other accusers, if Lascañas will be the source, then those accusers are also contaminated. They cannot be trusted as well,” he said.

Lascañas testified in the Senate last week, pointing at President Rodrigo Duterte for the vcreation of  the Death Squad and his testimony was later concluded as having "probative value".



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