Sunday, March 5, 2017

BREAKING: Torre Venezia condo. owned and undeclared by Jesse Robredo

The condo building are under the name of their eldest daughter, according to a summary I read.
She's in her late teens ata, or early 20's, so obviously she personally won't have the money to pay for all of that yet - which means her parents did.

Now of course, it's normal for parents to buy stuff for their kids and not put them in their SALN - clothes, gadgets, etc. - instead, the kids will list these down on their own SALN's.

Now two questions arise though:

(1) Did their eldest child write this down on their SALN? If they did, then essentially it should not be an issue unless, at the time, she herself was still a dependent (which meant that there was no need for her to write it down).

(2) The Jesse Robredo image has always been that of a simple-living, family man, so for him to have multiple condo units under someone else's name - is very telling. Also note that during the hearings of various politicians (Erap, PGMA) and personalities (Napoles, Corona) - non-disclosure of properties in the SALN/placing properties under name of kin is a major issue.

(3) Has the company handling Torre Venezia confirmed or denied these reports?

Source: We are Collective


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