Monday, March 27, 2017

List of Fake News by New York Times against President Duterte by Martin Andanar

President Duterte’s communication chief has taken to Facebook to lash out at how the New York Times got it all wrong about the Chief Executive and his war on illegal drugs.
Presidential communications Secretary Martin Andanar, in a Facebook post, made a point-by-point rebuttal of the Times article, written by Richard Paddock, on his alleged personal drug abuse, murderous streak, and violent rise to the presidency.

1. “President Duterte relishes image of killer-savior.” – NYT
Andanar turned the tables on Paddock for relishing making baseless conclusions the President whom he has never met. “Worse, these statements which Paddock portrays here as gospel truth have been proven to be made in jest.”

2. “Whether Mr. Duterte has done what he says — the killings he claims to have carried out are impossible to verify – he has realized his gory vision in national policy.” – NYT
Andanar said the President was no murderer. “Killings by the President’s own hand are not only impossible to verify but are downright false, he said.

3. “While his draconian justice and coarse manner have earned him widespread condemnation outside the Philippine…” – NYT
Andanar said this statement was baseless since there has been no survey or study about the public sentiment abroad towards Duterte.

4. “He is an anti drug crusader yet struggled with drug abuse himself.” – NYT
Andanar said the allegation agains the President was false. “The President admitted using prescription medication for specific illnesses but was never addicted to such substances,” he said.

5. “A psychological assessment of Mr. Duterte concluded he had narcissistic personality disorder and a pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violated their rights.” – NYT
Andanar said Paddock’s comment was based on the interview of Ms. Zimmerman and not the President. “Worse, this is from a confidential document.”

6. “Since Mr. Duterte took office last June and declared a war on drugs, the police and unknown assassins have killed more than 3,600 people, the police say, mostly in the slums of Philippine cities. Some put the toll at more than 7,000…he has already surpassed the death toll of President Ferdinand Marcos.” – NYT
Andanar said such statements perpetuate the falsehood that Duterte is personally responsible for each of the deaths.

7. “Edgar Matabato, 57, came forward and told a Senate committee that he worked as an assassin on the squad for 24 years, killing about 50 people.” – NYT
Andanar hit back at Paddock for ignoring a Senate committee report that found the Davao Death Squad did not exist and Matobato’s inconsistent and false statements deserved no weight. He attributed this either to the writer’s sheer ignorance and lack of research skills or a deliberate attempt to perpetuate falsehood.

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8. “A former police officer, Arthur Lascañas, 56, came forward and confessed to having led the death squad. He said that he received orders to kill directly from Mr. Duterte and that he had killed 200 people.” — NYT.
Andanar said Senator Panfilo Lacson terminated a congressional hearing after finding “too many inconsistencies” in Lascañas’ testimony. “Sen. Lacson also said that it was obvious that Lascañas was being used in efforts to detablize the government,” he said.

9. “The psychological assessment of Mr. Duterte prepared for the annulment, a copy of which was obtained by The Times, was based on an examination of Ms. Duterte and is not a diagnosis.” – NYT
Andanar said Paddock went on to use the alleged psychological report to propagate the negative image of the President “regardless if the same were baseless.”



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