Thursday, March 23, 2017

LOOK: GMA News spotted posting a shocking reaction against PRRD Media supporters!

In the heat of social media arguments about what happened between reporters and a group of President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters during a press conference this afternoon (March 23), a Facebook Administrator of News Organization, GMA News, posted a comment on it’s verified page.

Reacting to the face-off between the media and PRRD supporters, the admin said, “Papatawag ng press conference, tapos mang-aaway ng bias media..”

GMA News immediately deleted the said post but some netizens was able to capture a screenshot and posted it online,and are getting mixed reactions from the netizens.

The comment seems to be a comment of one of the admins managing the verified Facebook page of GMA News at was supposed to be posted on his/her personal account but was shared to more than 9.7 million likers as of this writing.

This is not the first incident a personal comment was posted on GMA News facebook Page. During the last election, GMA News has apologized after one of its employees posted a remark against the camp of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte.


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