Sunday, March 12, 2017

READ: Here are the initial list of Martial Law victims that are eligible to receive compensations

The government has released the initial list of 4,000 Martial Law victims eligible to receive compensation of  for human rights violations under the Marcos regime.

The Human Rights Victims Claims Board (HRVCB), an independent government agency tasked with recognizing and compensating Martial Law victims, on Saturday released the initial list of approved claimants on its website and Facebook page.

The 45-page list is sorted by region and will be re-published in two tabloids weekly for the next three weeks.
Aggrieved claimants can file appeals within 10 days of receiving the notice of the resolution.
The HRVCB expects to distribute the claimants' partial compensation by the second quarter of 2017.

The compensation for each victim will be proportional to the gravity of the human rights violation, as guided by a 10-point HRVCB point system.

The point system, as stated in R.A. 10368, which created the HRVCB, gives 10 points to those who were killed or disappeared during Martial Law, 6-9 points for those tortured or sexually abused, 3-5 points for those detained, and 1-2 points for victims of other human rights violations. Payments to the victims and funding for the HRVCB's operations are sourced from the ₱10 billion in Marcos ill-gotten wealth awarded by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court to the Republic of the Philippines in 1997.

The 4,000 initial claimants comprise roughly 5 percent of the more than 75,000 who applied for compensation. The HRVCB has adjudicated some 31,000 of 75,730, or less than half, of claims from victims of martial law abuses. The Board was created in 2013 by then-President Benigno Aquino III and has until May 12, 2018 to complete its mandate. Prior to the release of the initial list of claimants, HRVCB had been criticized for its slow processing of applications. In a statement on Saturday, the agency said it will continue to address remaining applications while working on the monetary awards.

 "The processing of monetary reparation of the first 4,000 eligible claims is being done simultaneously with the evaluation and deliberation of the remaining claims," HRVCB Chairperson Lina Sarmiento said. She added, "We would like to assure all claimants that each claim is being evaluated based on the evidence submitted to the Board."



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