Friday, March 3, 2017

Riza Hontiveros ipinagtanggol ang mga kriminal kay Pangulong Duterte

Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros on Friday told President Rodrigo Duterte that he has “no right and authority to declare who among the Filipino people have no humanity.”
“President Duterte must understand that humanity and/or the right to human dignity is inviolable,” Hontiveros said in a statement.
She said that Duterte was elected to run the country according to the basic tenets of human rights, and he must implement it among all citizens without exception.

“This government must respect and safeguard the dignity of the human person; the right of each and everyone to human dignity is the basis of many inalienable rights and the foundation of freedom, justice and peace,” she added.
The senator, who is also a vocal human rights advocate, issued the statement after Duterte said on Thursday that criminals have no humanity, in response to a report of Human Rights Watch which said drug-related extrajudicial killings may be considered crimes against humanity.




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