Thursday, March 16, 2017

WATCH: Cayetano defend Pres. Duterte in Impeachment Complaint, Explains Liberal Party ouster plot

Senator ALan Peter Cayetano visibly shaken. Although he appears coon in this video. It was understandable of his anger to the plot by the Liberal Party. It is shameful and a sad day fir the senate as De Lima and Trillanes attempted to stop Cayetano from unearthing the truth. Despite being besieged by the LP senators, Cayetano prevailed and stood his ground.

Two days ago, Yellows mocked Duterte for saying that there was an attempt to impeach him.  Today, Cayetano proved that what Duterte Said was true and that Plan was in motion.

Today's Senate was a very critical one, because it attempted to create a civil war in Mindano. Imagine, the Yellows allowing their so called witness that "Duterte ordered to bomb mosque and kill muslims."

If Cayetano and Ping Lacson were not at the s enate to expose the lies of Edgar Matobato then the public may have believed in his lies and result in a Civil War.




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