Saturday, March 4, 2017

WATCH: DILG reveal the result of Human Rights probe

- DILG: We recommend putting up a project management office focusing on human rights
- DILG: There is a possibility that there are human rights violations among the 1,800 deaths under investigation
- DILG: The President does not want human rights to be used as a shield to cover up crimes
- DILG: We will continue to monitor potential human rights violations
- DILG: Private sector has been giving money and land to help put up drug rehabilitation centers
- DILG: The President was very clear from the very beginning that the war on drugs is also about rehabilitation
- DILG: No evidence of human rights violations from rights groups and the Commission on Human Rights
- DILG: People must be careful in making baseless pronouncements as these could lead to economic sabotage
- DILG: We encourage the media to join police operations
- DILG: We would like the PNP to reinvestigate two 'failed' cases
- DILG: We recommend that officers use a body camera
- DILG: We recommend that each police station will have a PNP manual
- DILG: No extrajudicial killings in the Philippines
- DILG: From now on, we will use the term 'extra-legal killing'
- DILG: We are upholding human rights as state policy




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