Friday, March 31, 2017

WATCH: Hambog na OFW galit pa ng sinauli ang cellphone! Raffy Tulfo naiinis!

Mr. Luigi Lim, a nurse who presumably works in Singapore as an OFW left his phone on a Friday night inside the taxi driven by Roberto Elliot.

The following day, Saturday, Roberto found Luigi's phone and decided to surrender the lost phone to radio host Raffy Tulfo so the owner of the phone could be located, unfortunately, however, Tulfo's office was closed for the weekend.

On Tuesday, Roberto Elliot went to Raffy Tulfo's office again so the phone's owner, Luigi Lim could be located and also to surrender the phone to Mr. Tulfo.

When Luigi Lim and Roberto Elliot finally met in Raffy Tulfo's show, Lim surprised everyone when he berated Elliot for not returning his cellphone sooner. Luigi's behavior got the ire of Raffy Tulfo scolded him on-air for his ungrateful and arrogant behavior.

Listen to Lim's reason fo getting angry at Elliot and leave a comment with us.




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