Sunday, March 12, 2017

WATCH: International Media nagulat nang binunyag ni Pompee La Viña ang kasong kinakaharap ni Sen. Leila De Lima

Ive been trying to stay away from TV interviews lately, but I did not want to leave the president undefended in TRT World's feature on the senator's false claim that she is a political prisoner. Besides, the people from the English news service of Turkish Radio & Television were quite persistent and I have always found host Imran Gardi to be fair and genuinely interested in a Duterte supporter's point-of-view.

There was a satellite time delay on the sound so you will notice a pause between the end of his question and the start of my answer. I think I also needed some water as my throat was quite dry. The original video can be found here  -  Pompee La Viña



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