Monday, March 13, 2017

WATCH: Meet Pietro Boselli, the 'World's Hottest Math Teacher

Meet Pietro Boselli, the "World's Hottest Math Teacher."

The Italian engineer, lecturer, and model landed in Manila on Saturday, March 11, for Bench Fashion Week, as he's the brand's newest face.

Before he walked the runway on the last day of Bench Fashion week, Pietro spoke to the press on Sunday, to tell them a bit about himself.

If you aren't familiar with Pietro, here's what you need to know about the face you'll be seeing all over Manila's billboards.

Pietro has a Ph.D in engineering from University College London.

"I specialize in fluid mechanics, and it requires a lot of math or calculus," Pietro said on Sunday. "So it's definitely one of my favorite theories, simply because I managed to create so many things with that during my Ph.D."

While studying, he taught math for engineering to undergrads, and a photo his student took went viral.

The photo only went viral a year after it was posted, said Pietro, so its popularity didn't affect his interaction with that student or his grades.




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