Thursday, March 30, 2017

WATCH: President Duterte lambasts ABS-CBN and Inquirer! 'Mga gago, mga putang ina!'

Manila Philippines— In President Duterte's speech in Malacanang, he lambasts some of bias media because of spreading fake news and making up an issue about his health condition. He specifically named ABS-CBN and Iquirer as TRASH and UNWORTHY.

He uttered, "Kayong mga Lopez, did your grandfather lived forever? Magbabuyan tayo araw-araw, ang lamang lang ninyo eh mayaman kayo! At the end of the day we'll be all car-cast! Mga bastos kayo!

We all know that the mainstream media was manipulated by the bigtime oligarchs elite in the Philippines. They also aired anti-Duterte ads using innocent children during the campaign period.

Filipinos online witness how they twisted news, making up false news and fault-finding games against the Duterte administration.. Watch the video below and you be the Judge.




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