Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WATCH: Yellowtard Pia Ranada once again make a scene to get an attention!


Rappler, ja-jackpot na kayo. Sandali na lang. Pramis.

Rapplerette SPO4 Pia Ranada Robles wrote yet another sensationalist article in an apparent attempt to please its financiers despite massive annual financial losses.

And this time, the target is Sec. Christopher "Bong" Go.

In her article, SPO4 Rañada wrote:

"Relatives of alleged Visayan drug lord Peter Lim were able to directly reach no less than President Rodrigo Duterte's aide, Secretary Christopher "Bong" Go, to ensure the safety of one of their own: Lim's nephew David Jr, suspect in a road rage incident in Cebu... Go himself shared a text message from David Jr's mother asking him to ensure her son's safety when he surrenders to Cebu police."

Go did nothing but help authorities arrest Cebu road rage suspect David Lim. Despite this, college sorority blogger Rañada insisted on adding malice to Go's actions by not-so-subtly insinuating that Go has some sort of special relationship with the Lim Family.

Going by SPO4 Rañada's logic, it's wrong for Go to help PNP arrest Lim. But if Go refuses to help and Lim somehow gets murdered before an arrest is made, then Lim is added to Rappler's ultra-imaginative 7,000 EJK tally.

Sala sa init, sala sa lamig, ha?

To insult the public's intelligence even more, Rañada added:

"The lack of government action against Lim has fueled concerns that the Duterte administration targets only poor drug addicts and small-time drug pushers instead of the drug lords at the top of the illegal drug trade."

Using SPO4 Rañada's logic, "poor drug addicts and small-time drug pushers" include Leila de Lima, Herbert Colanggo, Ronnie Dayan, and Jaybee Sebastian.


Typically, the public's biggest weapon against sensationalist fake news sites is unsubscribing to them. That way, these fake news sites get pushed to the brink of bankruptcy because of low readership.

But Rappler doesn't work that way. Despite rapidly dwindling site traffic, abysmal social media metrics, and massive annual financial losses since its inception, Rappler continues to spew fake news daily due to massive capital infusions year after year.

The lack of readers is not something that SPO4 Rañada and her fellow Rapplerettes worry about.

Why? To hell with accountability, SPO4 Rañada and company receive their respective pay checks no matter what.

So yes, it's time to look even deeper into Rappler's finances, and that's what I am doing right now.

Pia, I suggest that you immediately consider enrolling in TESDA. Your college sorority blog might close down soon, and I doubt that any self-respecting news organization will be willing to take you in.


Source: Sass Rogando Sassot Facebook


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