Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BREAKING: 10 minutes travel time estimated via NLEX harbor link

April, 18, '17| Tuesday

DPWH headed by Tugade and Villar is now giving an estimation of travel time of 10 minutes from Manila to Northern Luzon if the NLEX harbor link would be open this end of the year.

This project started year 2014 but some impending cases of the "right of way" issues making this project to slow. They estimated to open this NLEX segment 10 early next time if it wouldn't be possible this end of the year.

To those coming from Alabang or in the South Area, it would only be 30 minutes travel time from South to Norther part of Luzon once this project started to function.

Watch the video below from GMA News about this matter and YOU be the judge. Let's spread good news that mainstream media always hide.

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Article by Admin Sofie

Source: GMA News


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