Thursday, April 13, 2017

BREAKING: BBC News interview with Lascañas to be sent to ICC

April 14, '17| Good Friday

Lascañas was firstly known by his contradictions against the allegations of Matobato regarding the Extra Judicial Killings that was already inquired at the Senate of the Philippines presented by Trillanes and De Lima, the Liberal Party.

Eventually when Lascañas discovered his severe kidney condition that will be needing a serious amount of money for the operation, He change his testimonies and sided Matobato's claim.

There were rumors circulating online that it was the deal in exchange of the money offered by Trillanes, in general, by Liberal Party so that he can undergo the operation and may survive his health as Lascañas from himself says, "I'm afraid to die.."
Just recently, a woman Guillermina exposes that Trillanes and Fr. Alejano want her to be a fake witness to support the EJKs issue that was going to present at the International Criminal Court. There were evidences of money remittances sent by Fr. Alejano.

Unfortunately, the woman pinned down their offer and exposes this propaganda. Meanwhile the mainstream media is still quite about her exposes but accommodates Trillanes hit backs and still making noise with side of Trillanes.

Going back to Lascañas, He was spotted going out of the country with his whole family going to Singapore. Trillanes also spotted going there and everybody was wondering of their next move.

Here we go, BBC News interviewed Lascañas as if that the EJKs were really ordered by the Duterte administration despite the cases were still under investigation and some were not related to drugs by merely a crime.

Catholic Priest, Broderick Pabillo was part of the interview insisting that the Killings is not the solution against criminals, making the appearance of the video that the killings was ordered by President Duterte.

There were rumors that this video will be sent to International Criminal Court so that President Duterte will be impeach this coming May 2017.

Watch the video below and you be the Judge. Please spread this piece of information and together let's fight all the LIES spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

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