Thursday, April 27, 2017

BREAKING: Duterte finally declares April 27 as an official Lapu Lapu day, The First National Hero!

April 28, '17| Friday

President Duterte finally declared yesterday, April 27 as the Lapu-Lapu day. This is for the Filipino people to know the history and our roots.

President signed yesterday the proclamation 200 recognizing Lapu-Lapu as the first National Hero that was almost forgotten and disregard by the previous President of the Philippines.

Lapu-Lapu is the first Filipino leader of his tribe in Mactan Cebu who fought Magellan and the Spaniards who wants to invade the said province.

When Magellan landed in Mactan Cebu by the ship Victoria, they claim the ownership of the land and so Lapu-Lapu and his men fought by swords. Magellan got killed and was buried in Magellan Shrine.
This is how our race, the Filipino race fought against the invaders. We maybe the simpiest kind of people on Earth but believe this, "Walang malaking nakakapuwing"

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Article by Admin Sofie

Source: ABS-CBN


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