Thursday, April 6, 2017

BREAKING: Fr. Albert Alejo is part of Trillanes' Conspiracy plan against Duterte Administration

Manila Philippines- A Priest from Catholic Church and a part time lecturer in Ateneo De Manila University, Fr. Albert Alejo was proven cuddler of the fake witnesses Lascanas and a self-confessed murderer Matobato whom were before presented at the Senate by Trillanes and De Lima.

Father Alejo tried to bribe a woman of Php 20,000 in favor of witnessing against Duterte Administration in International Criminal Court.

They tried to make fake documents and a scripted recording evidences related to Extra Judicial Killings but unfortunately the woman declined this evil proposal despite being less fortunate in socioeconomic status.

She says that Trillanes and Fr. Alejano are still scouting for someone to be a "fake witness" as they are determined to destroy Duterte. She says that they are looking for a WOMAN so that the fake story would look believable because of the gender.

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Article by Admin Sofie


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