Friday, April 28, 2017

BREAKING: Inquirer's properties will be sequestered because of Tax Evasion crimes

April 28, '17| Friday

Manila- President Duterte says in an ambush interview that the properties of the Philippine Daily Inquirer will be sequester anytime soon because of the crimes they committed which the heaviest was the Tax Evasion that was settled during Noynoy Aquino's presidency.
Philippine Daily Inquirer was known as one of the major critic of the current government. They questioned little details of the Duterte's admins' decision and even making noise in twisting the real news.

Philippine mainstream media was known for opposing the Politicians who were not part of Liberal Party. During the campaign period, they promote Mar Roxas and ABS-CBN News and other maintream media channels aired an Anti-Duterte ads using innocent children.

Making a Black propaganda against a Politician, Business Organization becomes easy with the works of the mainstream media, and unfortunately, Filipino people never get persuaded as the social media becomes the tool of spreading the real news.

Filipinos online also disregard by the mainstream media, the news released in the Television becomes opposite of the news in social media which supported by the people itself and not by any business organization and even a political party-list.

Is this the end of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and other BIASED media mangaed by the Oligarchs? My fellow Kababayan, let us help our country by continuing spreading the real news. YOU be the judge kababayan..

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: News5Everywhere


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