Sunday, April 23, 2017

BREAKING: Leni wants to decriminalize drug use to free Butch Robredo from any cases

April 24, '17| Monday

Philippines- VP Leni Robredo wants to decriminalize use of illegal drugs, is this to make Butch Robredo free from illegal drug cases?

According to WAC We Are Collective, Butch Robredo is a bigtime druglord in Naga City reined  when Jesse Robredo was the Mayor in the said City.

Butch went to U.S after President Duterte won the Presidential election and there's rumors now circulating online that Butch is now in the country.

Is this the reason why Leni wants to decriminalize usage of shabu? Because Butch is now here?

You be the Judge my kababayans..

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Article by Admin Sofie


SOURCE: News5Everywhere


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