Saturday, April 1, 2017

BREAKING: Magdalo member Alejano was planning to run as Senator in 2019

April 1, '17

Filipinas—As we remember, Alejano files impeachment complaint against President Duterte after the video of Leni Robredo about EJKs was sent to U.N.

Their camp
says that it was not related in back-upping and supporting the issue of EJKs made up by Robredo to destabilize the Philippine government towards the International Community.

Alejano was a member of the Magdalo group wherein Trillanes were also part of it. As we know Trillanes is one of the attack dog of Liberal Party since campaign period when he invented the story about the millions of President Duterte in his BPI account that was not proven until this day.

There were rumors and speculations circulating that Alejano was planning to run as Senator this coming 2019 which was the reason of his loud noise against President Duterte. In general, he wants to be known in expense of Duterte.

Meanwhile, his camp still didn't answer directly this speculations but Filipinos online sees his actions has real motives that was obviously politically motivated. Watch the video below and you be the Judge.

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