Monday, April 17, 2017

BREAKING: Noynoy Aquino cheated on last 2010 Election connived with Smartmatic and Comelec

April 18, '17| Tuesday

Is there any massive cheating during 2010 election that was still unsettled until this day? Isn't the same as Leni Robredo's case of Electoral Fraud since we know that they're both from the Yellow Liberal Party..

Cory Aquino died nearly the campaign period, isn't is the same as Jesse Robredo died and make it as way of popularity gain for Leni Robredo??

Well the tactics of this psychological mind conditioning were the same coming from one party, the Liberal Party.

In this video, experts explain how massive cheating was done by smartmatic and comelec, our election in the Philippines was easily manipulated by them and will used the term "honest mistake" when explaining things that falls into wrong places. They're acting as if that "honest mistake" is really happened because of their stupidity and ignorance and not by their will itself.

We have this sayings that "The ignorance of the law excuses no one"

We give so much credit to the creator of this video which exposes that our country was controlled and manipulated by the organized MAFIA.

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