Thursday, April 13, 2017

BREAKING: PDI has 1B Peso debt that was corruptly settled by Kim Henares under Noynoy administration

April 13, '17| Maundy Thursday

In President Duterte's speech during his official visit in Saudi Arabia yesterday April 12, they meet the Filipino Community and initiated an open forum discussion regarding the issues and concerns they are experiencing in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

In this video, President Duterte one by one introduced the member of his team which most of them are Ilocanos. He also cracking jokes which we know his signature style to break the ice in his every speech.

In 1:03 part of the video below
, He exposes that Philippine Daily Inquirer has 1 Billion debt to the PH Government that was corruptly settled by Kim Henares during Noynoy Aquino's administration.

He says that PDI would better settle their debt first before doing a "fault finding" game against him. He also name dropped ABS-CBN that was acting as a "crusaders kuno" but in reality was one of the corrupt media outlet. (Isn't it Gina Lopez he was referring to? Just thinking.. )

We all know that the Philippine Mainstream Media was being used by the other candidate during 2015 Election Campaign and they even aired an anti-Duterte campaign ads using innocent children just to convince the people to vote for Mar Roxas.

The President labelled them as an Oligarchs in the Philippines that was abusing their power in politics to take advantage and to corrupt money from the PH government.

Watch the video below my fellow kababayans and YOU be the judge. Start to view at 1:03 point of the video wherein the President blastly lambasted these two biased giant medias.

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