Thursday, April 27, 2017

BREAKING: Pia Ranada becomes rich by writing false news in favor of other Politician

April 28, '17| Friday

In President Duterte's ambush interview with the Press, he elaborates that he would never allow ABS-CBN to renew its franchise because of committing crimes such as swindling and estafa.

He says that the networks receives money from Politicians to air an ads but it never happened, ABS never aired an ads and not even bother to give back the money and one they victimized were Chiz Escudero.

President also explains that as a Filipino citizen, some media personnel should have concerns of the situation of the country regarding the false information being spread by the giant networks.
Pia Ranada pointed out to answer but she said that 'she is a media person and would prefer not to answer the President's question.'

Meaning, Pia Ranada doesn't even care of what does the ABS CBN can do, even to destroy and to corrupt the mind of the Filipino People as long as she's being paid as a media worker, is that is??

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: RTVM


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