Sunday, April 16, 2017

BREAKING: Robredo's camp says Marcos should pay Php 186M for his Electoral Protest

April 17, 17| Monday

The Robredo’s camp with her lawyer for Electoral fraud Atty. Macalintal were asking huge amount of money from Marcos camp that will be for the payment for all the clustered precincts which will cover the electoral protest case amounting to Php 185M.

From the briefing this Monday morning, Atty. Macalintal said that Marcos camp should not only pay cash deposits of P66 million for the 36,465 clustered precincts but for all the 92,509 clustered precincts covered by the latter’s poll protest.

The Robredo camp’s call came after the Supreme Court sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) ordered Marcos to pay P66 million as cash deposit for the bringing of the contested ballots and election documents  from established precincts to the tribunal.

Meanwhile, the resolution dated March 21, also asked Robredo to pay P15.4 million as cash deposit for her counter protest covering 31,278 clustered precincts.

Marcos earlier filed a protest questioning the integrity and reliability of the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs), Consolidating Canvass System (CCS) units, secure digital (SD) cards and other storage devices used for the 92,509 clustered precincts during the May 9, 2016 local and national elections. He called this protest his “First Cause of Action.”

Atty. Macalintal also countered the PET’s computation says that if every party shall pay P500 per established precincts, the total assessment for Marcos should be P185 million since his protest covers 369,138 established precincts. The latter's number of established precincts was based on the projected total number of precincts released by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the 2016 polls.

Robredo’s lawyer Atty. Macalintal said that Marcos, upon filing his election protest, asked the PET to issue a precautionary protection order over the ballot boxes, election documents, paraphernalia such as VCMs, CCS units, SD cards and other storage devices in all the clustered precincts.

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