Sunday, April 2, 2017

LOOK: 'Palit-Bise' massive rally to oust Leni Robredo, hidden and blackout by mainstream media!

April 3, '17| Monday

Maynila Filipinas— There was a massive rally yesterday at Luneta April 2, Sunday that calls for Leni Robredo ouster and impeachment. It was started when Robredo sent an unverified video information to UN regarding the EJKs that was according to her an abuse of power by the current administration that was happening here in the Philippines.

Her unverified information video caused discrimination among OFWs and Economic Sabotage to our country. Liberal Party are still mum about it and only says that they have the right to do what they want because we are in a Democratic Country.

In my own viewpoint, Yes we are in democratic country but it doesn't mean you are free to destroy the country for your personal purposes and interests.

This massive rally was not published by the mainstream media and no wonder because we all know that they are part of the opposition since day 1.

This massive rally was hidden and blackout by mainstream media like what they did during Duterte's campaign, they blackout how many people are uniting for him which really overwhelming and landslide.

Here are some picture from yesterday's rally:

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