Friday, April 14, 2017

WATCH: Filipino People cry and shout for President Duterte in Bahrain

April 15, '17| Saturday

President Duterte headed to Bahrain after visiting Riyadh yesterday April 14. Filipino community welcomed him with joy and warmth welcoming shout of his name.

In this video from a Netizen, a Filipino, you may see how the Filipinos were very much happy seeing the President.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media in the Philippines was mum about these trips of the President as it turned out successful with his chosen team whom mostly are Ilocanos. Gov. Imee Marcos seems to be his acting VP as the pictures online went viral.

It is only President Duterte who personally visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after Madam Imelda was during their administration.

Watch the video below and YOU be the judge my fellow Kababayans. Let us spread the REAL NEWS OF REALITY and together we fight the LIES spoon-fed by mainstream media.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source for the video: Netizen


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