Sunday, April 30, 2017

WATCH: Escobar's Hitman, Former Drug-Gang Killer, Killed 300 and Help murder at least 3,000

THE chief assassin of drugs lord Pablo Escobar has been robbed at gunpoint by two men on motorbikes in the Colombian city he once brought terror to.

The thieves forced notorious former hitman Jhon Jairo Velazquez to pull over as he drove near a shopping centre in an upmarket area of Medellin.

They then stole the notorious killer’s designer sunglasses, mobile phone, cash and jewellery.

The 54-year-old, who admits to having killed around 300 people and helping murder at least 3,000 more and served 22 years in jail, confessed to becoming a crime statistic himself today as he called for people to be given the right to carry weapons.

He added: “I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ll leave my valuables at home next time I go out. The jewellery cost me a fortune.

“The blokes who did it didn’t say anything to me. Each one of them stuck a gun to my window. There was nothing I could do.”

Police are still hunting the ballsy pair responsible for the daring hold-up, which happened in the upmarket area of El Poblado which is home to some of the richest people in Colombia.

It is not known if they recognised their victim, however one local said on social media: “The situation has got to be pretty bad for someone to dare to rob this man. Can this really have happened?”

Velazquez, better-known by his nickname Popeye, was the mastermind behind some 200 car bombs during Escobar’s Medellin cartel’s war against its rivals and the Colombian state.

He was also responsible for high-profile kidnappings including those of Attorney General Carlos Mauro Hoyos  and even organised the bombing of a commercial airliner in which 107 died.




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