Monday, May 29, 2017

BREAKING: American journalist exposes that LP was connived with U.S and CIA

May 30, 2017| Tuesday

An American journalist exposes the puppeteer behind the global terrorism that was now currently happening in Marawi City Mindanao Philippines.

She explains that the Liberal Party was connived with the U.S and its CIA to oust the duly elected Filipino President Duterte.

She elaborates that the Maute terrorism group was funded by the LP and the plans was orchestrated  prior to Duterte's official visit in Russia. This is to stop the negotiation between President Duterte and the Russian President Putin. Russia is a well known independent country and don't want to swallow the Westerner's culture. 

U.S stops the firearm and weapon dealings with the PH so that we'll lost the battle against illegal drugs and terrorism which was part of the business of the CIA.

The terrorism in Afghanistan and in some parts of Middle East was according to her funded by the U.S and spied by the CIA.

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Source: John Arceneaux Facebook


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