Saturday, May 27, 2017

BREAKING: Bam Aquino was being asked if he talks with Maute, he says 'No comment'

May 27, 2017| Saturday

In this video, a media person explains what happened during Bam Aquino's visit in Marawi City few days before the terrorism attack by Maute-ISIS group.

He explains that Bam was being asked who were the other group he talked with alone. But Bam only says to the media "No Comment". Bam was being asked about of his dealings with that group but he refused to answer and only gave a "No Comment" remarks.

According to him, Bam talks to the Maute-ISIS group that was also there during Bam's visit, He talks with them alone without any of his staffs.

Media was also curios about Bam's agenda with the group he talked with which suspected to be the Maute-ISIS members.

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