Friday, May 19, 2017

BREAKING: DOJ orders acquittal of Lt. Col. Marcelino cases filed by PDEA and PNP

May 19, 2017| Friday

DOJ finally orders acquittal of Lt. Col. Marcelino criminal case filed by PDEA and PNP and to one Chinese national due to insufficient evidences and probable cause.

DOJ says that the arrest of Lt. Col. Marcelino was also illegal.

Marcelino filed a petition for review to DOJ Panel.

In 14 pages decision of DOJ, it says that Marcelino don't posses illegal drugs during the arrest of PDEA to Marcelino.

Atty. Acosta also backed up his case by explaining that Marcelino was not the one who is in charge in the entries of the eco-bags containing shabu and Marcelino's case was clearly set-up.

AFP strengthen Marcelino's defense by producing certification which proves that Marcelino was standing as a military intelligence group commander and was never been involved in any illegal activities particularly in illegal drugs.

NBI also proves that Marcelino was part of the anti- illegal drug effort of the bureau and was one of the successful leader in opposing illegal drug activities.

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Source: PTV4


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